Assault Against The Heavens Preorder

Hello everyone.

I’m excited to announce that my next book, Assault Against the Heavens, is now in editing and is available for preorder on Amazon. It is a fantasy novel set in a world where the God they pray to has come down from the heavens to live among his creations.

In the story Daon is a Bronze Man, a lawkeeper and solider of The Celestial Lord. He finds himself not only struggling with having faith in the Lord, but wanting to be free of a life he didn’t get to choose. He was sold to the Bronze Man when he was a child.  With his friends Naya and Gal, Daon finds himself swept up in a conspiracy to get rid of The Celestial Lord.

But can a human kill a God?

The idea for this story came to me as what if a mythological God like Zeus turned out to be real and came to live on Earth to rule over the Greeks?

You can preorder it now on Amazon. Click here to follow the link.

Until next time, happy reading.


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