Deadlocked (The Outbreak Series Book 4)

We are excited to announce that book 4 of our Outbreak Series, Deadlocked, will be available for purchase on February 29th, 2020. Preorder is available now.

The adventures of JT and Hannah continue, who went off to into the unknown, dodging encounters with both the living and the dead.

Gus and Linda stayed behind to help rebuild some kind of civilization, in the tiny town tucked away in the mountains.

Everyone seemed to have found a kind of peace in the zombie filled world. Until it is shattered.

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JT stood outside the door to the RV, stretching. The last eight hours he spent driving all over the back roads of the Texas panhandle; he could use one.

As he reached for the sky, which today was blue and cloudless, he received a satisfying pop in his back. He wasn’t cold at all in his athletic shorts and plain black shirt, even though spring was still but a hint in the air.

He still hadn’t figured out what month it was for sure. Neither had Hannah, but winter’s bite was coming to an end, even as they headed more north. Not that it ever got real cold in the areas they stayed in since leaving Colorado.

JT didn’t mind the winter so much, his mom said more than once he was literally hot blooded. He knew from Hannah’s complaints that she experienced enough of the snow and cold. This was back in the few short months when they trudged across Kansas and Colorado, and she still said that was enough to fill her entire life.

It was hard to believe how much time had passed since they left the mountains. He judged by the seasons changing it must have been over a year ago. Since they left, it was only he and Hannah, on the road to nowhere.

First, they ducked down to Arizona, where long empty stretches of desert with no zombies to see in any direction was a sight for sore eyes. The heat was a welcome change for a little while, but he tired of it real fast. Not Hannah, who complained of being cold if it was below seventy five. The time in the mountains seemed to have soured her about all things winter.

Along the way, they hit small towns every time they needed supplies. Quick in and out jobs. If their scouting detected even the slightest hint of some human population in one of these towns, they moved on to try the next one. JT did his damnedest to keep his promise to Hannah that they wouldn’t get involved with anyone again, and he felt damn proud that so far, he’d kept that promise.

As summer started to bake into Arizona, Hannah suggested heading up into the mountains of Sierra Nevada. She had always wanted to go to California. JT argued that California was the last state they should ever visit. She relented, but JT felt bad shooting her down like that.

So he studied a map they snatched from a travel shop and after studying it, mentioned to her Schell Creek Range, in Nevada.

They ended up in a town called Ely. It was one of the best decisions the two of them had made since this whole fucking zombie mess started. It was small, deserted, and very tolerable in the summer. Along the way, and once they arrived, they found enough supplies to keep them well fed for a while.

Once in town, they searched around until they came across a beautiful blue Victorian style home with the added feature of a six foot wrought-iron fence surrounding the property. They even lucked into finding a seemingly untouched white Chevy Tahoe in the garage along with the keys and a full tank of gas. The Tahoe proved a more friendly option than the RV if they ever needed to make a supply run, or JT got bored and wanted to joy ride.

One thing they did to pass the time was play games. By now they must have played every board game ever made. They also spent their time doing other things… adult things, which never got old. Hannah kept up a daily routine of exercise and target shooting. JT knew she would never get caught unprepared again.

Ely made them forget about the zombie apocalypse for a limited time, except for the emptiness. JT fought off loneliness by diving into his music more and more as days passed. He would sift through CD collections he often came across and pick some to listen to while sitting in the RV when he needed some unwind time. Many times while listening to some tunes his mind drifted to missing Tyrone. The kid grew on him, then became a friend, and he didn’t deserve what happened to him. The isolation didn’t seem to bother Hannah as much as it did him. She did however tell him the same stories about Ashley over and over, more and more, as time marched on.

Eventually their supplies dried up and now here they were searching for another lost paradise, like explorers searching for the lost city of gold. 
Neither had a particular place in mind, so at Hannah’s suggestion, they’d headed for Texas.

Before they left, JT and Hannah scurried around the house, packing this and that, loading what they could fit into the RV. The last thing loaded were the four full gas cans JT rustled up rooting around in people’s sheds and workshops. That’s something no one in all those zombie flicks ever came up with. Me a clever man.

“What’s up, sunshine?” Hannah said, coming out of the RV to join him.

Not once did scissors touch her hair since The Outbreak; it was halfway down her back now. She was constantly brushing it aside from her eyes. She looked like a golden hippie child, of summers long past, radiant in his eyes.

“Just looking at a whole lot of nothing. And I thought our trip through Kansas was bad,” he said, putting an arm around her waist.

She was wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve shirt. In his mind JT had to laugh. He guessed it was at least high sixties outside. She rubbed her sleepy eyes, having missed most of the last hundred miles. Not that there was much to miss. This time JT laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny? It better not be me.” Hannah threw a playful elbow into his side before stretching herself.

“Just a dumb observation. Never in my life would I have imagined I’d be taking the back road tour of the U.S.”

“Well, did you imagine living in a zombie filled America?” Hannah giggled, she almost couldn’t get out whatever seemed so funny to her. “Besides, if Gus was here he’d say you’ve been traveling through the back door of America.”

JT laughed harder. “He would indeed. I miss that old fart.”

That gave JT the perfect chance to bring up something he wanted to say for the last few days. “Speaking of that old timer, I’ve been thinking that’s the direction we need to head next. We promised to visit, and the roads should be mostly clear of any snow when we get up there.”

Hannah’s face lit up, despite the possibility of cold. “It would be nice for us to visit, especially you.”

“What do you mean, especially for me?” All Hannah gave him back was a knowing smile.

“Besides,” she said, “We haven’t had much luck finding food in the past few weeks.”

How true that was. It made JT nervous that each town they hit in the last few weeks was sucked dry. That made him think there was some community in the nearby area, along with the fact they’d seen very few zombies.

A dust cloud caught JT’s attention out on the horizon. A sinking in his stomach made him turn back to the RV and reach inside. He pulled out a shotgun he mounted next to the door during the long days of Ely.

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