The Outbreak Continues…
JT, Hannah, and their fellow travelers still struggle to survive in an America overrun with zombie hordes. Racing to save the life of his friend Gus, JT stumbles onto a community holed up in a church in rural Kansas, run by the charismatic Reverend Albright. Will this holy man be a new ally or a new enemy? What is behind Albright’s plans for purgatory?

Gus’s life hangs by a thread. Hannah is on the edge of breakdown between caring for Gus and mourning her best friend. Tyrone has become sullen and withdrawn. JT tries to lead the group as best he can, still fighting to keep his anger in check. That’s without having to worry about the zombie threat.

Finding the sactuary of a group holed up in a church seems like a blessing from God. The group is wary though after their run in with Harold. Will Albright’s church be another false haven? Or will banding together under the seal of God save them all?