A day of death. A night of terror. The Outbreak begins…and zombies weren’t the worst monsters to survive.

Harold is a social awkward, sheltered man, who believes deeply in government conspiracies.  He has lived his whole life out in the middle of nowhere. He discovers the aftermath of The Outbreak on a rare trip into the nearest town. He clears the town of zombies, raids it for supplies and fortifies his cabin, ready to defend himself from the horde or any other survivors.

JT, an ex football player turned bouncer with anger and authority issues, escapes the city as The Outbreak happens. During his travels he meets up with several other survivors while fending off zombie attacks.

Banding together, JT must learn how to get along as he fights for control of the group and control of his rage when he accidentally causes the death of a ten year old girl.

Harold and JT don’t know it yet but they are on a collision course as JT’s group follows the spray painted signs for a place called Safe Haven. Thinking they have found the place in Harold’s cabin, the group stays there until one of their number goes missing and a search ensues.

JT will discover the secret that zombies aren’t the worst monsters that have survived the Outbreak.